Marcela Donato

is a multidisciplinary producer and consultant operating with vast experience in planning, conceptualizing and implementing works within the creative field. With an artistic education, Marcela has been involved for many years in the Art world in different positions, as a dancer, choreographer, artistic director and producer. 

From 2011 to 2017, Marcela co-directed and programmed Agora, a cultural space in Neukölln. Agora was a center for contemporary practices that dedicated itself to the development of alternative ways to live, work and create art in an Urban context. The program ranged within a variety of areas and disciplines, but mainly ran extensive programs, researches, courses and events in the fields and crossovers of Food, Work, Art, Education and Collaborative Practices. 

Parallel to Agora, she developed a project called Juicy, a nourishment hub and alternative dance floor inside of big music festivals. Juicy became an ever-growing movement, with a team of 60 people and a big number of followers. The project is known for its unique team, music and performance program and of course by its fresh juicy cocktails and treats.

Because of her diverse work, Marcela has been approached by people looking to initiate projects, or by projects wanting to redefine its concept or looking for internal structure guidance. She has then developed her work as a creative consultant, which led her to connect and then fuse with the Dream Facilitation team.

Currently, she is as well at the development stage of a new project, a venture fed by her strong wish to engage and support the changes she would like to see in the world. A project that can benefit from the networks developed in her different work experiences. This project is called Glue.